Shetland's War is part of The Scotland's War Project which was initiated and is being supported by The University of Edinburgh. We are grateful for the opportunity to create a lasting accessible archive for use by this and future generations in education, commemoration and remembrance. In Shetland material is produced for this website by the Shetland Museum and Archives at Hay’s Dock in Lerwick. It makes use of sources deposited in the archives by individuals and bodies.

Within this website over the next four years, we hope to build up a picture of the contribution that this part of Scotland made to the First World War. This will not only be about those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the fighting front on land, sea and air, but also those at home. How commerce fared with employees enlisting; the role played by women; casualty care; how news from the fronts came through; and how our communities remembered and continue to remember. World War I changed our communities and our country and it is fitting that we try to record and understand the consequences.

This can only be achieved by us collecting information and stories, pictures and letters, documents and diaries. If you have anything at all related to the period of the First World War, or stories of the lead up or aftermath, please contact us.

Two particularly useful sources for Shetland’s War have been the local weekly newspapers, The Shetland Times (1872-present) and Shetland News (1885-1963). The Shetland News publisher also created the Shetland Roll of Honour and Service (1920).

The Shetland Museum has an extensive photographic database, along with a body of expertise in their staff. Both have been enormously useful.

The Archives have been fortunate to have a number of volunteers who have indexed the World War One newspapers, and transcribed articles and letters therein. This would not have been possible without them.