Scotland's National War Memorial

Scotland's National War Memorial

The National War Memorial for Scotland
Established by Royal Charter to commemorate the sacrifice of Scots in the Great War.

Between the outbreak of war in August 1914 and the Armistice in November 1918, Scotland made a significant contribution in men, women and materials to the war effort. The highest proportion of voluntary enlistments in the United Kingdom came from Scotland - 320,589 Scottish men volunteered for active service. Scottish women also played a prominent role in the conflict, particularly in medicine and nursing.

It has been estimated that Scotland lost more men per head of the population than any of the belligerent nations, except for Serbia and Turkey. Thousands were killed in action or died from wounding or disease. Many more were classified as missing in action.

Apart from the thousands that died, many more returned to their cities, towns, villages and crofts, broken in health or troubled in mind. The war had been a great test of endurance for individuals and communities and the capital and its environs were by no means exempt.

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