Highland games at Bedford

 ‘Highland Games at Bedford: Novel Sights for the Sassenachs’ detailed Easter Monday’s activities in the town: ‘The ancient borough of Bedford had a unique experience for an English town of having a magnificent display of Highland games in its midst. These were organised by the Borough Recreation Committee for the officers and men of the Highland Division in Bedford, and the event in every particular proved a complete success.

On 2 October 1915 The Northern Scot’s headlines succinctly summarized the biggest natural disaster to hit Moray since the great Moray Floods of 1829:

Disastrous Floods in the North - Unprecedented Scenes at Elgin - Traffic Blocked and Trains Delayed - Great Damage to Property and Crops - Many Bridges and Culverts Swept Away

The Northern Scot Christmas Number of 1915 recalled: