Professor Thomas Hudson Beare

Professor Thomas Hudson Beare

Edinburgh University Library Special Collections, ref. EUA CA1/1/5

By the second year of the war the number of engineering students at the University of Edinburgh was relatively small. Under the tutorship of Professor Hudson Beare the Engineering Department at High School Yards was a hive of activity. It was the headquarters of the Officer Training Corps and the Engineering buildings were largely made over to the instructions of the O.T.C.

In addition to this, courses of instruction were provided for university lecturers, students and graduates as well as solictors, accountants, architects and other learned professions who for professional exemption reasons could not join the forces but wished to engage in voluntary munitions work. The full-time courses were organised by Professor Hudson Beare and lasted between three and four weeks, depending on the skill of the learner.

On successful completion of the course a certificate was awarded by the Edinburgh and South-East of Scotland Munitions Board which showed their competence as munitions workers.

In addition to being Professor of Engineering, Thomas Hudson Beare also sat on the Universities and Public Schools Recruitment Committee which addressed the issue of the shortage of officers.


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