Fauldhouse Recruiting Rally

Fauldhouse Recruiting Rally

In 1915, the West Lothian Courier reported:


On Thursday evening last a recruiting rally was held in Fauldhouse, at which the principal speakers were Colonel Sir George McCrae of the 16th Batt. The Royal Scots, and Mr A. B. Stewart. Previous to the meeting the Pipe Band paraded the village and drew a very large attendance, and stirring addresses were delivered. The Pipe Band gave some of its players, and it is understood that a few of them will be seen in the Band of the 2/16th. There were in all about 12 recruits gained as the outcome of the rally. Sir George had a splendid reception at the close of the meeting.

Several recruiting rallies were held in Fauldhouse, some in the recently opened cinema, but most in the open air, at Lawrie’s Corner.  The report above deals with a rally to recruit men for the the 16th Royal Scots – McCrae’s Battalion, best known as the battalion in which the Hearts football team enlisted en masse. It’s interesting to read that several of the Fauldhouse band members enlisted.  Recruiters encouraged men to enlist with their friends, team mates or workmates. Knowing that they’d be fighting with their friends gave men courage to enlist – and there was also the desire not to be left behind, or be suspected of cowardice or shirking. This was why Pals battalions were so successful in recruiting men, but they could lead to sudden, devastating losses in communities after their local battalions went into action.

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Street scene
Looking along Fauldhouse Main Street, towards Lawrie's Corner on the right, scene of recruiting and other public meetings. West Lothian Local History Library.