Fauldhouse Fundraising

Fauldhouse Fundraising

The people at home were anxious to ‘do their bit’, by raising funds for the war effort. Flag days were held most Saturdays, with local children often acting as the flag-sellers. Every concert and sale of work was a means of raising funds for some good cause or other – Red Cross, wounded soldiers, food parcels for POWs, wounded war horses, bereaved families, orphaned children. One of the earliest good causes to be supported was the Belgian Refugees fund.

On 30 October 1914, the West Lothian Courier reported:

Large assortments of flowers were dispatched from Fauldhouse to Edinburgh last Saturday for the flower sale held there that day. This autumn having been particularly mild and favourable for late flowers, the supply sent was surprising, especially the chrysanthemums, which were in fine bloom. In connection with the Flower Day held in Edinburgh last Saturday on behalf of the Belgian Relief Fund, the public of Fauldhouse responded handsomely in their donation of flowers.

And on 31 Augusr 1917, the West Lothian Courier reported:

On Saturday last a free gift sale was held in the Drill Hall under the auspices of the ladies' combined committees of the local Flag Day and Red Cross. Early in the day, flag sellers went round their districts, also collecting vegetables, etc. When the sale was opened in the afternoon a grand collection of flowers, fruit, and vegetables, also butter, eggs and scones were on view for sale, and were quickly disposed of. Mr James Salmond kindly lend his horse and lorry which was filled with vegetables, etc. and taken to Benhar, where Mrs William Steele, convener of the Flag Committee, who accompanied it, soon disposed of its contents. A novel feature at the sale was a cat with four ears, which was on exhibition and was also sold, which helped the day's drawings. The proceeds amounted to £21.13s.10d. In every respect the sale was a huge success, which is due in great part to the hard work of the committee.

And on 2 August 1918, the West Lothian Courier reported:

Fauldhouse Red Cross Week

Grand Brass Band Quartette and Solo Contest will be held in a field situated at Leadloch Farm, Fauldhouse on Saturday, 10th August. Stupendous Side Attractions - Grand Baby Show - First prize, Handsome Silver Rose Bowl. Admission to Ground, 9d, Juveniles, Half Price.

In September 1918, the West Lothian Courier reported that 'Fauldhouse has done excellently in connection with War Charities, over £5,000 have been contributed to the Prince of Wales, Belgian, and Local Funds in four years...’ and that was in addition to funds raised for the Red Cross and many other funds, not to mention the monthly Egg Fund for Bangour Hospital. In today’s money values, £5,000 would be the equivalent of several hundred thousand pounds.

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child selling flag to soldier
Child selling a flower to a soldier (courtesy of Mr Roland and the late Mrs Irene Slater)