Private Lewis Douglas

Private Lewis Douglas

On 8 June 1917, the West Lothian Courier reported:

Mr and Mrs William Douglas, East Main Street, Armadale, have received official word that their son, Private Lewis Douglas, 9th Scottish Rifles, has been killed in action on 3rd May while in the fighting line in France.

A comrade in the course of a letter to relatives said:

I am very sorry to inform you that Pte. Douglas was killed in action on 3rd May, during an attack on the Germans. He was buried by comrades in the firing line close to the spot where he fell. I sympathise with you all in the loss you have sustained. Console yourselves with the thought that he died during the fiercest battle fought.

Private Douglas, prior to joining up, was a baker with Armadale Co-operative Society Limited, having served his time in connection with same. He was unmarried. He entered the army in 1916, and had been in France since the early days of the present year.

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Soldier in a glengarry
Private Lewis Douglas, killed in action, May 1917
In Memoriam card. Courtesy of W D McIndoe.
In memoriam card.
The use of In Memoriam cards helped bring comfort in the absence of a funeral or a grave. Courtesy of W D McIndoe.