Departure of Recruits

Departure of Recruits

On 9 September 1914 the Paisley Daily Express reported on the departure of recruits.

Shortly after one o'clock yesterday, a contingent of 120 recruits enrolled at the Town Hall left Gilmour Street Station for Glasgow. Maryhill is their destination and there the men will be alloted to their respective units.

Recruiting was temporarily suspended during the preparations for their departure but afterwards it was resumed with the accustomed briskness. In this office meantime, men are being enlisted for the infantry only.

Subsequently, smaller contingents also took their departure. Recruiting continues today both at the Barracks and the Town Hall. From the District Tramway Service, up till today no fewer than 52 men had enlisted and it is believed that by the end of the month there will not be a young man eligible for the Army in the employment of that company.

Another large meeting of the workers at Bow McLachlan & Co Ltd (Yacht and Boat Builders) was held today and after a stirring address had been given, 11 more joined the colours. This makes a total of 107 who have left to join the Army or the Navy.

Recruits enrolled at Paisley Town Hall depart from Gilmour Street Station
Paisley Town Hall c.1910
Yacht being launched at Paisley Harbour, c.1900
Yacht being launched at Paisley Harbour, c.1910