County Relief Funds

County Relief Funds

On 14 August 1914, the Paisley Daily Express reported:


£18,000 already collected

Sir Thomas Glen-Coats, Baronet, has contributed £10,000 to county war relief funds; Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart, Sir John Stirling-Maxwell and Mr A A Hagart Speirs, £1,500 each, while Sir Charles Bine Renshaw and  Mr George Barclay have each contributed £1,000.

In addition to a donation to the Prince of Wales Fund, Mr J C Cunninghame has contributed £500.

Other contributions are Mrs Parsons £200; Mr Robert Russell, writer £200; Mr Wallace Fairweather £100; Miss Lang, Endfield £100; Miss E.W. Lang, Endfield £100; Mr J.M. Lang, writer £50; Miss Kidstone, Finlaystone £50; Dr A. Campbell Munro £21.

Notable contributions to Renfrewshire's War relief funds
Sir Thomas Glen-Coats Residence in Paisley, c.1910