Bishopton in 1914

Bishopton in 1914

In November 1914, the Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette reported on a Red Cross Society Junmble Sale.

At a jumble sale held in Erskine Hall, Bishopton, on Saturday, in aid of the Red Cross, the sum of £30.11s was realised.

Much alarm was created in the village on Tuesday evening by the sound of heavy gun firing. A torpedo boat practising at Millport is blamed for the disturbance.

There was another report about War Relief

A meeting was held on Tuesday in the Erskine Public School, Bishopton, for the purpose of forming a local committee to make, in the first place, a systematic collection throughout the parish in aid of the National War Relief Fund, and thereafter to consider and deal with the proper distribution in the parish of such monies as may be allocated by the Central Committee. There were amongst others present Sir Charles Bine Renshaw and Lady Renshaw; Mr John A. Holms, Formakin; Mr David Cross, Ingleston; and Mr Goff of Darvel. Mr Cross was called to the chair and after a few remarks asked Sir Charles Bine Renshaw to explain more fully the purpose of the meeting. Local sub-committees were later formed to embrace the whole of the parish. Mr William Brown, chairman of the Parish Council, was appointed chairman; Mr J.A. Browning of Langbank, was appointed vice-chairman; and Mr George Brown was appointed the local secretary and treasurer. Mr Cross at the end of the meeting gave a cheque for £100 towards the relief fund

Bishopton Inn and Hotel c.1904
Postcard of the Bishopton Inn and Hotel. Copyright Renfrewshire Libraries.