Royal Engineer

Royal Engineer

26 November 1914, the Paisley Daily Express printed this letter.


Following is an extract from a letter from Sapper 29429, at the Front, whose company has been "through the thickest of it" (the writer is the son of a Paisley official)

"As we came up from the base we saw several train loads of wounded and of Belgian refugees. Some of the sights were pitiful to see but the Belgians en masse, the most pitiful of all. As I saw these poor people detrain and walk to a refuge, carrying their all, some with little babies, one or two with dogs, all with a small bundle containing, I suppose their total possessions. I would not have been a civilian for anything.

I see from the London newspapers that the appeal for more men is now more urgent. If the single men at home could have seen this lot their blood would have boiled and there would be no hesitation. There were a few old people among them. I reflected that the same thing might be seen in Bonnie Scotland but it will not, if every one does his bit".


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