Perth and Kinross Highlight

Perth and Kinross Highlight

Members of the Black Watch Regiment at a sports day rifle grenade competition, organised at the Western Front. National Library of Scotland.
At the stations the locals very kindly supplied us with food, drink, and fruit.

A PitIochry man with the London Scottish described his experiences in France:

When we left Havre six signallers of whom I was one, were detailed to go with three companies to a certain base which I may not name. We travelled in what we were told was fourth class - covered in horse boxes. We had entrained about 7 pm, reaching our destination the following morning at 10.30. It was by no means a fast journey, and although we were not too comfortable we managed to get some sleep.

At the stations the locals very kindly supplied us with food, drink, and fruit, which we were glad enough to have, for we had only some dog biscuits and bully with us. At this place some of us slept in a chapel and some in a theatre. For the first few days the signallers were in the chapel. It had a stone floor, and as we had no blankets we found it none too warm. Latterly we were shifted to the stage of the theatre and laid hands on some carpets and scenery and made our­selves fairly comfortable. Last Thursday we moved off, and came to another base just before noon, this time in an ordinary train, but it was just about as fast - I think 10 miles an hour is a good average.

We got there shortly after midnight, and joined another party of the battalion which had wine over from London. We have a huge shed, quite clean, for quarters, and straw to lie on, so are much more comfortable. We lay down as soon as possible, and had the best night's rest we have had since we landed in France. We are doing no signalling here. The men are taking turns as orderlies at the different offices. and the non-commissioned officers go on shed shifting - unloading and reloading the trucks before they are sent up to the Front. We are thinking of try­ing the London docks for jobs as navvies when we get back!

This began to give people back home in Perth and Kinross some idea of what was happening to their loved ones.