Jane Levack

Jane Levack

Janet Taylor Brander, born Lossiemouth 1842; married Captain John Levack; died Lossiemouth 21 Jan 1927.

Mrs Levack was an imposing Lossiemouth figure who made a name for herself by telling stories in the local dialect and contibuted a lot to the town in many other ways. She travelled widely, sailing to the Far East, Australia and New Zealand with her husband.

During the First World War, Janet Levack used her story-telling powers to raise money to provide 'comforts' for the men at the front. She was one of the organisers of a work party which knitted countless garments for soldiers and sailors. She became a member of the War Pensions Committee, doing valuable service for the claims of widows and orphans. A member of the Morayshire Asylum Board, she was one of first two lady visitors to be appointed visitor to the asylum at Elgin. Perhaps this says something about the good nature and warm heartedness of this remarkable woman.

With grateful thanks to the contributors to, and editors of, Women of Moray: a celebration of the women of Moray and their contribution to history (Luath Press: Edinburgh, 2012)

Janet Levack
Janet Taylor Levack of Lossiemouth. (Image courtesy of Elgin Museum)