Georgina "Dolly" Hossack

Georgina "Dolly" Hossack

Miss Georgina Stevenson Hossack, known as Dolly, was born on 4 December 1887, the daughter of Robert and Isabella. She had a younger brother John who was born in January 1889. The family home was Alma Cottage, Moss Street, Elgin.

Dolly became a VAD nurse during World War 1, volunteering for duty on 4 August 1914 and undergoing training at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1917 before being sent to the Middle East and serving in Egypt. It is believed by her relatives that she travelled to the Middle East on the ship Aragon which was torpedoed en route, with the loss of 610 lives. Dolly served in the Middle East until the end of the war, returning to the UK in 1919. Her war service is recorded in the Morayshire Roll of Honour.

In July 1926 she was appointed Assistant Commandant in the Elgin detachment of the Red Cross. She died on 26 April 1977, her latter years being spent at Abbeyfield House in Elgin.

Dolly’s brother John, who in peacetime had been a tailor’s cutter, also appears in the Morayshire Roll of Honour. He enlisted at Elgin in 1916 and served as a Gunner in the Royal Field Artillery in France.

Dolly and John were cousins to Elsie and William Hossack as Robert Hossack, Dolly’s father and William Hossack (senior), Elsie and William’s father were half-brothers, the sons of Robert Hossack who was born in 1819. Like Dolly, Elsie also served as a VAD, but more locally at Braemoriston Hospital, Elgin. Her autograph book (see under the Communication theme) provides a valuable record of those recuperating there. William Hossack, who like his cousin John was in the clothing trade, served in France, winning the Military Cross.

Moray’s War is indebted to Mrs Sheila Kelly of Westhill, Aberdeen, for the fascinating pictorial record of Dolly Hossack’s war service. Dolly was Mrs Kelly’s Great Aunt.

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Dolly Hossack embarking on nursing training at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1917.
Hospital stores arriving in the Middle East.
Dolly Hossack enjoying some leave in February 1918.
Dolly Hossack heading home, with casualties, on hospital train 24 in early 1919.