War at Sea

War at Sea

Ocean Star BF960 was requisitioned for war duties and allocated Admiralty number 785. She took up her duties as a patrol boat in December 1914 and on 26 September 1917 was sunk off the NAB light vessel, presumed mined.
Local boats and their crews played their part in the War

Men from Moray served in the Royal Navy as a career, joined up, or were called up and during World War I fought in key battles, not least Jutland.

But equally involved were many of our fishermen whose boats, mainly steam drifters, were requisitioned to work with the Admiralty. The crews, many already Naval Reservists, volunteered their services in support of the Royal Navy.

Their duties were mainly as fleet tenders, boom defence vessels, minesweepers and anti-submarine net vessels from the North Sea, to the Channel to the Mediterranean.

Almost one hundred and fifty local boats were lost during the war.

There is still so much to be recorded of Moray’s War at sea and Moray’s War encourages further information about the contributions and sacrifices of those from Moray who served at sea during the Great War.