Corporal Alexander McConnell

Corporal Alexander McConnell

Corporal Alexander McConnell, 12th Battalion, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, born at Coatbridge in 1895, was the youngest son of Alexander McConnell, an Iron Worker (Puddler), and Agnes McConnell, of 343G, Bank Street, Coatbridge.

His siblings were William, Ann Jane, Martha, Sarah, Samuel, Agnes, Elizabeth and Ann

He was killed in action in Macedonia on 14 May 1917, age 22.

Family history contends that Corporal McConnell was killed by Turkish soldiers – this is likely to have been as part of actions with the British Salonika Force in northern Greece & Macedonia during this period.

The British Salonika campaign saw few Allied success, with some 2,800 servicemen killed in action, 1,400 dying from their wounds and a further 4,200 from sickness (likely malaria). The Doiran region saw the fiercest fighting, particularly during the 1917-1918 period.

Corporal McConnell is commemorated on the main Coatbridge Cenotaph, on the Commemorative Plaque within Middle Church in Langloan, and on the Doiran Memorial in Greece.

Corporal Alexander McConnell.