Private Hugh Campbell

Private Hugh Campbell

Many soldiers had accidental deaths during the war. They were recorded as "Died" and not "Killed".

On 6 November 1915, the Alloa Journal reported:

Officer's Tribute to a Sauchie Soldier

The following letter has just been received by Mrs Hugh Campbell, Sauchie, from Captain Charles Black, commanding D Company, 12th  A. and S.H., on the accidental death of her husband, Pvt. Hugh Campbell, at the front. He is a son of Mrs Campbell, Cairnton Street, Tillicoultry.

France, 21st October, 1915.

Dear Mrs Campbell,

It is with the greatest regret that I have to write to you, and in doing so you have, believe me, my deepest sympathy in the death of your husband, one of my best men, and the first of my Company.

Your husband died a noble and instantaneous death in the execution of his duty, and we shall all miss him exceedingly. He was taken from us suddenly by the explosion, in his post, of a rifle grenade, and died not from wounds, but from the concussion of the explosion.

Can I add any words of sympathy which at a time such as this is to help fill the awful blank left? If I can, please say them for me, as tonight I am too shocked to think: You will always have the greatest consolation in knowing that your husband- alas, like so many others-gave his life in the great fight for you, for all our mothers, wives, sisters, children, and dependants, and in so doing earned the thanks of his country. Please don't take it too much to heart, but think how your late husband would have liked you to have taken it, and remember that you have others to live for. With deepest sympathy.

A rifle grenade competition.