Recruitment Drive

Recruitment Drive

The first advert shown here from The Southern Reporter on 13th August 1914 was a powerful recruitment tool.

Newspapers across the country published these types of adverts, pleading for men to join the war against the Germans, and no one could be fooled for thinking it was acceptable to decline this request.

The mentioning of the 'grave National emergency' and that any man would sign up if they had the 'safety of our Empire at heart', put simply, meant no man able to fight would be allowed to refuse.

The second picture on this theme may appear to be light hearted at first glance with its cartoonish exterior but, the acute requirement for men to fight meant the authorities ramping up the pressure on young men, fit and able, to join the ranks.

The advert from the January 26th 1915 edition of The Berwickshire Advertiser reflects the speed with which the conflict had progressed and the need for men countrywide to step up to the task and face the enemy head on.

It reads, "Look here, my lad, if you're old enough to walk out with my daughter, you are old enough to fight for her and your country." Followed with the not so subtle, 'At any Post Office you can obtain the address of the nearest Recruitment Office.'

Men reading reports from the Front and being presented with this plea for help could hardly ignore it as the recruitment drive became more incessant.

Your King and Country Needs You
Southern Reporter. Courtesy of Johnston Press PLC.
Now Then, You
Berwickshire Advertiser. Courtesy of Tweeddale Press Group.