Fundraising and offers of help

Fundraising and offers of help

Appeals were made in local newspapers for items for the auxiliary hospitals. Items requested were hot water bottles, single beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, towels, Mackintosh sheeting, old linen or blankets, small tables, enamel basins, cooking utensils, and any other sickroom requisites.

All sorts of kindnesses were heaped on the men in the shape of motor drives, boat trips, free barbering services, free cinema tickets along with tobacco and cigarettes.

A local laundry near Hermitage House offered to do all bed linen free of charge; a farmer offered one gallon of milk each day; a local resident gave a large weekly contribution of deliciously-baked scones.

Other donations were vegetables, fruit, cakes, honey, tea and coffee, jam, jellies, fresh eggs, rabbits, butter, games, cards, clocks, toothbrushes, pipes, books, magazines, money, music, games, wheelchairs, a piano, writing materials and walking sticks.

At Mount Stuart most of the hospital clothing, i.e. nightshirts, semmits (singlets/vests), bed jackets, dressing-gowns and socks were supplied by the Bute Branch of the British Red Cross Society who, in addition, gave each man on his discharge from hospital a navy blue woollen muffler, waistcoat, and pair of mittens.

Messrs. Cadbury & Co. sent a yearly present of chocolates for patients and staff at Mount Stuart!

Regular fundraising concerts were held to raise funds and also entertain the patients and staff.

Another fundraising activity was waste paper collection and sale. The men made things and sold them on stalls at a summer fete in Rothesay.


Fundraising in Helensburgh.
Appeals were made for kitchen equipment amongst other things.
Fundraising activities were varied and sometimes fun.
A wooden annexe was built using funds raised by Hermitage House Auxiliary Hospital.