The staff, or the patients themselves, organised sing-songs from time to time, and gave concerts in one or other of the wards. In addition to these amateur concerts at Hermitage House Hospital, other performances were provided by professional artistes, who came about once a fortnight and gave a concert in the afternoon in the surgical ward.

The patients also took part in amateur dramatic productions to entertain themselves and the staff.

Picnics & Excursions

Many other outdoor amusements were arranged for the patients. These included picnics, cricket matches, games of lawn bowls, races on the lawn and other sporting competitions.

Kind local folk took the men on free trips in motor cars or charabancs to take in the local scenery and fresh Highland air.

Excursions were made to the local cinemas where the men were admitted free of charge and were given free cigarettes by the proprietors.

There were opportunities for the Officer patients to go fishing in the lochs near Mount Stuart. The officers were allowed access to the boats so were able to row or fish in the sea nearby. In the winter, shooting was undertaken by these men in the grounds and woods. They could also play a game of golf at the golf links near Rothesay or Kilchattan Bay if they wished.

Amateur dramatics
Choir made up of patients at Hermitage House Auxiliary Hospital
Patients playing at game of croquet in the hospital grounds
Motor car excursion for some patients at Hermitage House Auxiliary Hospital