Montrose Girls' Club

Montrose Girls' Club

The Montrose Girls' Club was founded on 5 December 1914 by Miss Dorothy Fraser of Kirkside, Montrose. Their first meeting was held in St. Mary’s Church Hall at Panmure Place Montrose, and was well attended by local girls. The objective of the Montrose Girls' Club was "pleasure, profit and patriotism". In the first instance the club was to provide pleasure to local girls as somewhere they could meet their friends, partake in work, games, and other interests. Personal profit was provided through the teaching of new skills, such as handicraft, drawing, singing, and ways to beautify the home. Finally, the club promoted patriotism. With servicemen fighting for their country at the front the girls were expected to share in the fight and do what they could on the home front. The Montrose Girls' Club was…

"…another endeavour to again go in quest of the true, the good, and the beautiful, especially at this time of anxiety and sorrow, which calls everyone to do something bigger than they have ever done before…Women and girls might never get mentioned in despatches, but they will have done their little bit, and that counts as much as going to the front."

Throughout World War I the Montrose Girls' Club hosted a number of local charity and fundraising events in support of the ongoing war effort. This was achieved through local collections, the sale of crochet work produced by the girls, a French styled café-chantant, which featured piano solos, and money raised through sales at various stalls.

Amongst the many charities the club aided, the Montrose Girls' Club raised £25 for the Scottish Women’s Hospital at the Abbaye de Royaumont, Chantilly, France. The money was used to endow and name a hospital bed after the club for a period of six months. During this time the hospital wrote to the girls with news of the soldiers who occupied their bed, reporting their injuries and recovery.

Charitable funds raised by the Montrose Girl’s Club

Scottish Red Cross (to endow and name a bed in Springburn Hospital £50.0s.0d.
Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Hostel of St. Dunstan’s £49.0s.0d.
Montrose Women’s Patriotic Association £43.6s.4d.
Scottish Women’s Hospitals (to endow a bed at the Abbaye de Royaumont) £25.0s.0d.
Montrose Carnegie Library War Fund £12.0s.0d.
Montrose Y.M.C.A. £10.0s.0d.
Montrose Red Cross Christmas Meal   £8.3s.0d.
French Relief Fund & the Belgian Relief Fund   £6.7s.9d.
Wool   £5.0s.0d.
Dorward’s House of Refuge, Montrose   £4.8s.1d.
Y.M.C.A. Huts in France   £1.12s.9d.
Central Prisoners of War Fund   £1.7s.2d.


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Montrose Girl's Club members, June 1915.
Loye, a French soldier who occupied the Montrose Girl's Club bed at the Scottish Women’s Hospitals, Abbaye de Royaumont, Chantilly, France