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Voluntary Aid Nurses (VAD) in auxilary hospitals
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Scots had been dying in wars and conflicts for centuries but the Great War was one of the most awful, bitter and destructive conflicts for the Scottish nation. It virtually wiped out a generation of young men.

It has been said that more Scots died per head of population than any of the other parts of the United Kingdom.

Timeline of World War I

  • Thursday, 7 October, 1915

    ...to 4 December 1915. Serbia is invaded by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria. Details 

  • Tuesday, 28 September, 1915

    Battle of Es Sinn. Details

  • Saturday, 25 September, 1915

    ...to 6 November 1915.Second Battle of Champagne. Details

  • Saturday, 25 September, 1915

    ...to 15 October 1915. Battle of the Hohenzollern Redoubt, a phase of the Battle of Loos. Details         

  • Saturday, 25 September, 1915

    ...to 28 September 1915. Battle of Loos, a major British offensive. Details   

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An edited version of this article, written by Yvonne McEwen, Scotland's War Project Director, appeared in The Scotsman newspaper on 22 May

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Scotland in the Great War

A WFA Day Conference looking at Scotland’s contribution to the Great War, and the impact at home.